I hired Wesley to help me replace and upgrade my natural wood grill/smoker as part of my outdoor kitchen. My outdoor kitchen is important of my lifestyle and I spend a good portion of my time with family and guests around this outdoor living area. This was a substantial project and I was absolutely thrilled with the quality of the outcome. Even more important was the excellent client experience I received. Wesley took my original design and vastly improved it from both an engineering and visual aesthetic point of view. He collaborated with me to get the design to fit my needs and then did a fantastic job fabricating and installing the rig. And, he stayed with the project after delivery, helping me to tune the grill for optimum performance. This custom tool provides me with professional level control on my barbecue and grilling. Wesley has the eye of an artist, the mind of an engineer and the hands of a true artisan. He is delightful to work with and is a true master. I cannot recommend him more highly.

Michael Stitt

Since implementing the services of Metal-Made, Wesley Graham has been instrumental in streamlining manufacturing processes of our products. Metal-Made offers superior engineering and design skills, creating critical machining fixtures, sheet metal fabrication, assembly fixtures, parts management tooling, and professional, multi-certified welding skills, Allowing an increased rate of production, parts consistency, and a greater market reach. Ultimately increasing profit margins.

Patrick Kramer

Wesley is an excellent craftsman and took my requirements to produce a superior product. Clean welds, seamless joints, and beautiful powder coating. Superior workmanship delivered well above expectations. Awesome!

Jeremy Williams
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